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Hog Roasting

Hog roasts are the ideal party food. Just imagine a gathering of friends and family around a hot suckling pig, as the sun sets in the countryside – or on a sandy beach in the summer.

Roasting meat over flames as a cooking method started thousands of years ago. You can see the practise today in the form of rotisserie chickens from supermarkets and in the donner kebab – a staple of high street take-aways.

Sometimes called spit roasting the essential form is a pig skewered through the middle and roasted over a flame. The type of wood you use is important as it flavours the meat, and most commonly used are Oak or Hickory.  

It was customary in many parts of medieval England to remove the meat as it cooked from the outside, allowing it to eventually cook right through. This was a slow process taking many long hours to cook and consume, but is perfect for the leisurely affairs of birthdays, weddings, village fairs and other events where good food and good company is a must.


You can buy a whole hog from your local butcher or farmer

It is customary for the carcass to be opened butterfly fashion for cooking and to ensure the pig is fully cleaned.

A Roast Hog is typically seasoned with salt, pepper and bay leaves – and served with roasted vegetables, onions, garlic, peppers, celery, carrots and potatoes. Although for summer events when these heavy accompaniments can be out of place, serve with fresh salads, summer veg and hot buttered rolls.

Sometimes the meat is cooked in a cider-bay marinade or seasoned with spices and chilli. But more often than not simplicity is key. Delicious crackling can be made by scoring the skin and rubbing in salt.


Other cultures have a rich history of Hog Roasting too, from roasting in pits, grilling, rotisseries to hot boxes. Each is just as delicious as the next – but pick a method that is useful for you. Large gas powered Hog Roast Ovens can now be bought or hired in the U.K, which may seem to be less fun than traditional methods – but then you won’t be worrying about overcooking your hog!

These ovens can typically cook a whole pig in less than 6 hours, although we cook ours for a minimum of 10 hours.


The Whole hog roast is serious party food and saved primarily for big occasions – but you don’t need an excuse for a Hog Roast as today they are an event in themselves.


Catering firms like us take all the notable stress out of the service. Providing expert knowledge, delicious food and none of the stress!

Events are easy to book across the length and breadth of the country; however we cater to clients across the North West and offer the whole kit and caboodle.

From the oven, the pig, the buffet food and ware, as well as professional staff who can take care of the event for you. Because let’s be honest as mouth watering as that hog roast sounds, trying to cook it without professional help and advice will leave many of us a little out of our catering depths!





hog roast , Liverpool north west